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/ Get to Know O-Rings: Types and Applications

Get to Know O-Rings: Types and Applications

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O-rings are a popular type of seal that is used in many manufacturing industries for a wide variety of products such as automobile engines, firearms, rockets and beyond. This type of seal is popular because they boast a relatively low cost, production is rather straight forward, installation tends to be simple and they provide great pressure resistance in their applications.

O-rings are diverse, in large part, because they can be manufactured from a wide variety of different polymers or elastomers. Depending on their fabrication, the O-rings may be made even more durable through vulcanization. Because there are so many different types, it can be difficult to know which type of ring is the best for your application. An overview of the most common options can help you determine which material type is best suited to your needs.


Common Types of O-Rings

There are many different materials, each with their own benefits and limitations. Some of the most common are:

  • Aflas performs well at temperatures of 25° to 450° Fahrenheit. It is resistant to a wide variety of aggressive chemicals and is particularly well known for its use in the oil field and for its electrical resistance properties.
  • Neoprene/Chloroprene has a broad temperature range of -65° to 300° Fahrenheit. It is often used with refrigerants in refrigeration and air conditioning units.
  • Ethylene Propylene boasts a wide temperature range from -65° to 300°F. O-Rings made from this material are generally used in hydraulic pumps as the material works well when exposed to hydraulic fluids, steam, water, silicone oils, brake fluids, and alcohol.
  • Fluoroeslastomer offers a wide temperature range from 15° to 400° Fairenheit. This type of O-ring has many applications in hydraulic pumps and otherwise as it can withstand exposure to gasoline, hydraulic fluids, bases, hydrocarbon solvents, and acids.
  • Fluorosilicone has a temperature range of -80° to 350° Fahrenheit. It offers a wide variety of mechanical and physical properties that are similar to silicone rubber. So, it can be used in applications such as fuel injection as they will perform well when exposed to water, steam, and petroleum fluids.
  • Nitrile has a temperature range between -65° and 300° Fahrenheit. This ring type is especially well suited for most general-purpose such as use with petroleum oils, water, and hydraulic fluids. In addition to simple Nitrile rings, there are also highly saturated nitrile rings and highly saturated nitrile TFE coated rings that expand the use further.
  • PTFE is another ring type with a broad temperature range of -100 degrees Fahrenheit and 500 degrees Fahrenheit. This type of ring is very rigid, so it can be difficult to apply but it is a great option when corrosion an abrasion will occur. Automotive steering and paint guns are common applications.
  • Silicone has a temperature range of -120 degrees Fahrenheit and +450 degrees Fahrenheit allowing for a variety of applications. While there is a great temperature range, silicone is known for its poor tear resistance and tensile strength. One of the most common applications for silicone rings is in fuel injection ports.
  • Urethane/Polyurethane offers a temperature range of -65 degrees Fahrenheit and +212 degrees Fahrenheit. These rings are a great option when you know you’ll be dealing with extrusion resistance and abrasion as the material is quite resilient. These rings are often used in hydraulic fittings, cylinders, valves, firearms, and pneumatic tools.

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