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/ How Long Do Elastomers Last?

How Long Do Elastomers Last?

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Aging of Elastomers and O-Rings

About This Chart

APG uses the most accurate data covered by the Military Material specifications. Although when properly stored, elastomers have been known to shelf age for very long periods, the following chart indicates the generally accepted age resistance for various elastomers (from MIL-HDBK-695).

Suggested Storage Conditions


O-Rings should be stored in clean & dry containers away from ozone, sunlight, UV light, and radiation. The temperature should never exceed 120ºF.


O-Rings and other elastomers should be stored at a proper temperature that should NEVER exceed 120ºF but is recommended to stay below 100ºF at all times. Any heat sources such as furnaces, fires, boilers sunlight, and radiators should not be near any elastomer.


Elastomers have much longer shelf life if lighting conditions are met. O-Rings and other elastomers should be protected from all light sources especially sunlight, UV light, and super bright direct light sources.

Radiation & Ozone

High voltage equipment, combustable gases, and anything that generates ozone, heat, or radiation should not be near any elastomers. This causes materials to break down

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