• June 2021
/ What is a Gasket and How Does it Work?

What is a Gasket and How Does it Work?

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A gasket is a seal that is manufactured to fit between two or more surfaces, covering the intersection, such as two lengths of pipe. Gaskets can be manufactured from a wide variety of materials including different types of rubber, cork or paper, copper, metal, and even foam.

Gaskets are used in a wide variety of applications, with the most common being sealing. Yet, gaskets are also used for anti-vibration purposes, packaging, hygiene, noise, and sound reduction. Virtually every industry is dependent on gaskets, including food processing, water and gas, manufacturing, and beyond. The type of gasket used by each industry will be dependent on their application, exposure to the elements and chemicals, temperatures, and pressure.

How Does a Gasket Work?

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For a gasket to function properly, it must be adequately compressed. This compression is what allows it to seal effectively, creating a barrier that will make a pressure-tight seal, protecting the contents inside of it. Gaskets also offer protection to moving parts in some applications, separating the moving parts from rubbing against hard surfaces and creating damage-inducing friction.

Elastomeric gaskets seal against the release of gasses and liquids, creating a seal between two surfaces. This type of seal is perfect for filling deformities and connecting two surfaces. When filling for deformities, the gasket must be manufactured from a material that is easily formed and fills any irregularities in the surface. This is why choosing the right material for each application is so important.

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