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    • October 2020
/ O-Ring Handbook: Your Guide to O-Rings

O-Ring Handbook: Your Guide to O-Rings

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O-Ring Handbook: Your Guide to O-Rings


What's Inside?

Elastomer Descriptions and Properties

There are various elastomers that function differently based on the environments and stresses they are put in. Here is a list of all the elastomers APG has to offer.

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Backup Rings

Backup rings are commonly installed with rubber O-Rings to help improv their performance. These rings are designed to limit o-ring clearance gaps and be used in high pressure sealing situations greater than 1500 PSI.

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Square Cut Rings

Square Cut O-Rings are exactly like normal O-Rings, except that their cross-sections are square instead of circular. This design increases their working pressure, and form fit more snugly in some spaces.

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O-Ring Kits

APG stocks over twenty different O-ring kits for standard, metric and Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) applications. APG also offers a large warehouse kit which contains 65 of our top selling O-ring sizes and O-ring cord sizes in both standard Buna and FKM.

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APGs vulcanization process consists of using cord material, adhesive, heat, and pressure to combine the two ends together to create a custom O-Ring in a matter of minutes.

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