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Industrial Couplings

When Performance Matters

Cam & Groove Couplings

Cam and groove couplings, often referred to as camlocks, are a simple and reliable method for connecting and disconnecting industrial hoses without requiring tools. The coupling functions by actuating the cam lever to engage the cam of the female part with the groove of the male part. Because the design of the cam uses over-center geometry the resulting seal is resistant to accidental decoupling, furthermore many of APGs couplings also offer safety pins, locking levers and additional features for additional security. APG offers cam and groove couplings in 3 primary grades: EVER-TITE®, TOUGH-TITE®, and U-TITE®. APG EVER-TITE® is the original premium cam and groove coupling and complies with US Military Specification MIL-C-27487 which was replaced by A-A-59326 in 1998. EVER-TITE® couplings are available in aluminum, forged brass, 316 stainless steel and polypropylene. APG TOUGH-TITE® couplings are highly engineered industrial grade couplings which are available in aluminum, brass, 316 stainless steel, ductile iron, nylon and polypropylene. U-TITE® couplings are an economical utility grade cam and groove coupling available in aluminum, forged brass and 316 stainless steel. All APG cam and groove couplings are available in a variety of end style configurations and a wide range of accessories are available to complete your design specification. Don’t see the coupling you are looking for? APG offers custom manufacturing and fabrication options!

Pressure & Water Gauges

Pressure gauges are a fluid/gas intensity measurement device that help ensure there are no leaks or pressure changes which could affect the operation of a fluid power system. APG offers variety of pressure gauges manufactured to meet your needs. From dry gauges with black steel cases to liquid filled stainless steel case gauges for protection in harsh service environments. APG’s gauges have operating pressure ranges up to 15,000 PSI and are available in a variety of connection styles.


Valves are a mechanical device able to control, direct or regulate the flow of media through it. APG provides standard and/or full port ball valves in brass and stainless, ranging in size from ½” up to 4”. APG also stocks gate and swing check valves to meet all of your valve needs.

Industrial Clamps

Using clamps to secure your coupling or fitting to a hose? APG has a broad range of clamps from BAND-IT®, in addition to spiral clamps, worm gear clamps, and bolt camps. We also stock a large range of clamping tools to ensure your clamp is installed properly and with minimum down-time.


APG has a large available inventory of the industrial coupling components you need in order to extend the life of our products. Gaskets, seals, replacement handles, pins, rings, safety clips, safety cables, lanyards, and more are in stock and ready to ship today!


APG’s industrial coupling accessories are designed to complement or complete your assembly. Contact APG today to inquire about our range of accessories including strainers, sight- glass, sanitary fittings, skimmers, bulk hose, reducers, menders and more!