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Industrial Couplings

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High-performance Industrial Couplings from APG.

APG proudly offers EVER-TITE® cam and groove couplings in three primary grades: EVER-TITE®, TOUGH-TITE®, and U-TITE®, available in a wide variety of end style configurations.
Founded in 1937 by architect Herbert J. Krapp, the EVER-TITE Coupling Company started as an idea for a simple garden hose fitting. With the outbreak of World War II, EVER-TITE couplings gained traction and acceptance within the United States military because of the coupling’s ease of use compared to existing pneumatic couplings. EVER-TITE couplings are considered the first modern cam and groove quick disconnect coupling device. Herbert’s son, John, improved the design with what would become the modern-day Basic 8. This new style of coupling design integrated an internal gasket, quickly detachable couplings, utilizing engageable socket member cams, and a fluid-tight seal. 

APG is your shop for industrial coupling with an extensive inventory of valves, gauges, clamps, components, crimp sleeves & ferrules, pneumatic and multi-purpose fittings, ground joints, and accessories.

Product Line

Basic 8 Cam & Groove
APG is proud to be the official manufacturer of EVER-TITE®, the original camlock fitting.This type of fitting, also known as a cam and groove coupling, is popular for its simple and reliable means of connecting and disconnecting hoses quickly and without tools. APG offers cam and groove couplings in three primary grades: EVER-TITE® The original camlock fitting, TOUGH-TITE®, and U-TITE®.
Cam & Groove Accessories
Our catalog of cam & groove accessories includes all the extra parts necessary to fix or repair your coupler. APG has a large available inventory of the industrial coupling components you need in order to extend the life of our products. Gaskets, seals, replacement handles, pins, rings, safety clips, safety cables, lanyards, and more are in stock and ready to ship today. APG’s industrial coupling accessories are designed to complement or complete your assembly. APG’s range of accessories includes strainers, sight-glass, sanitary fittings, skimmers, bulk hoses, reducers, menders, and more.
Dry Break
Our Dry Break coupler is engineered to create 100% spill-free connections and disconnections, with minimal parts and no additional valves required. ​​Our Dry Break coupler is engineered to create 100% spill-free connections and disconnections, with minimal parts and no additional valves required. This ‘no-spill’ engineered coupler leads to efficiency and productivity in your workplace. APG’s cost-saving dry break coupler also eliminates hazardous fluid spillage that not only protects the environment but leads to increased health and safety benefits.
Military Cam & Groove
APG’s stainless steel, brass, and aluminum anodized cam & groove couplers are engineered to explicitly meet military specifications. EVER-TITE has been the industry leader in supplying the US military with cam and groove couplings since 1943!
Sleeves & Ferrules
Our sleeves are built to the highest quality for use in applications where a safe, durable, and reliable clamping method is preferred over band clamps or strapping. APG is proud to offer crimp sleeves and ferrules that are manufactured to be the highest quality for impeccable performance. APG’s line comes in all standard offerings and we also accommodate custom requests.
Specialty Cam & Groove
APG’s Speciality Cam & Groove include Y’s, T’s, Reducers, 90’s, Weld Prep, and Socket Weld couplings in various standard and exotic alloys such as Inconel, Duplex, Monel, and Hastelloy. APG also offers custom Cam & Groove couplers manufactured specifically for your needs.
Tank Truck & Railcar Fittings
These specialized couplers are produced for the tank, truck, and railcar industry. This product range includes Tight-Fill couplers, ASA Flange couplers, Railroad Tank Car Adapters, API Gravity Drop Couplings, and more.
Combination Nipples
Combination nipples are commonly used for the suction or low pressure discharge of liquids and are available in a variety of materials. Our Combination Nipples are machined with close tolerances with defined serrations and correctly profiled for secure hose grip when effectively clamped or crimped.

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