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We carry flat, tubular gauge glass, annular, and flat gauge glass in standard sizes and can custom cut tubular glass to any size.  APG also carries various glass accessories including gaskets, Mica shields, Marvel gauge glass gaskets, Rigid plastic tubing, Brass guard rods, glass cutters, and Conbraco water gauges.

APG also offers a wealth of industrial coupling and sealing products.

Product Line

Flat Glass
APG’s line of flat industrial glass is manufactured from borosilicate which is known for having a very low coefficient of thermal expansion and thus is more resistant to thermal shock than other glasses.
Tubular Gauge Glass
APG’s tubular gage glass is offered in red-line, standard, heavy-wall, high-pressure, and heavy wall red-line configurations. APG can custom fabricate any length and end finish including cut, ground, or fire-polished depending on your application.
Annular Glass
APG offers 3/4 inch annular edge mold finished glass for low-pressure service. Annular edge glass has a 1/2 inch wide gasket surface and provides optical clarity and increased thermal shock resistance for operators. Annular edge glass is offered in both annealed and tempered styles.
Glass Accessories
APG offers a large selection of industrial glass accessories including flat glass gaskets, shields, glass cutters, plastic tubing, and more.
Flat Gauge Glass
APG’s glass is designed to let your technicians and operators see directly into the vessel and observe the liquid level and conditions in your configuration. The ribbed sides allow for a better look without the light refracting off the material.

Still unsure what type of glass to purchase? Contact the experts and have APG clarify any confusion.

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