• October 2020
/ What to Look for in a Fluid Sealing and Conveyance Products Provider

What to Look for in a Fluid Sealing and Conveyance Products Provider

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Finding a trusted manufacturer and distributor of the fluid sealing and conveyance products you need is essential to your business. The right provider will be ISO 9001 registered, have an expansive product line that will fulfill all of your needs, will be able to offer access to tools that will make using their products as efficient as possible, and they’ll offer fast shipping to get you the parts when you need them. Knowing what to look for in a manufacturer will help to ensure you purchase only the best products that can be delivered to you promptly.

Inquire About a 9001 ISO Certification

When looking for a fluid sealing and conveyance products manufacturer or supplier, one of the first things you should inquire about is their ISO 9001 certification. Currently, there are more than a million companies that have a variety of different ISO 9001 certifications, from 190 different countries. The benefit of working with an entity that is certified is that they must follow strict industry requirements proving that they provide consistently good quality products. The products and services not only have to be top-notch, but they have to prove they are focused on continuous manufacturing improvements.

The bottom line is that when you are buying from an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer, you know that you are getting products that will meet or exceed your requirements. Not only will one item be of this quality, you know that each item is going to perform just as well as the last, which is particularly important when you are buying in bulk. When you are utilizing fluid sealing and conveyance products for your business, knowing you are using the best quality products is important for your reputation as well as the satisfaction of the end-user.

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Figure 1 Map showing countries with 9001 certifications.

Expansive Product Line

When researching, to find a manufacturer and provider of the products you need, it’s also a great idea to determine if their product line can fulfill all of your needs. When you have already determined a resource is ISO 9001 certified, the next step is to consider how they can fulfill all of your product inventory needs. It makes the sense to get as many of your parts from one resource so you can buy all of your quality items at one time and potentially save on shipping. For instance, if you will often be purchasing a variety of seals, look to be sure they have other products that might suit your needs such as industrial couplings, industrial glass, plastics, and raw materials. Procuring most or all of your parts needs from one supplier simply makes the most logistical sense.

Unique Tools that Make Your Job Easier

While high-quality products are always the goal when looking for a manufacturer and provider of the products you need if you find a resource that offers any additional tools that is even better. Proprietary apps and calculators can help you determine specific compression requirements and the like. Quick, easy to access tools can help you utilize the products more effectively than ever before. More people than ever before are utilizing applications that streamline their work, so why wouldn’t you want to find a supplier who offers these things to you?

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Figure 2

Inventory and Fast Product Shipping

When you need parts and products you need them now. An important consideration when searching for a new manufacturer is product availability and shipping times. When looking for a manufacturer, be sure to inquire about their product availability. Common questions to ask include:

  • Are their items always in stock?
  • If products are out of stock, how long will it be until they are fully stocked again?
  • What are your shipping rates?
  • What are your delivery times?

It’s important to ask these questions ahead of time to determine if the resource is the right one for your needs.

Guarantees and Reputation

Lastly, inquire about any manufacturers’ quality guarantees. Companies that are committed to excellence will often have their terms and conditions right on their website. They want you to know they are serious about providing you with the best quality parts and delivery process by being completely transparent about what you can expect from their products and services. Knowing these specifics before you buy is particularly important because a guarantee, or lack thereof, can impact your bottom line as well.

In the highly technological world we live in, you can also investigate the reputation of a company through reviews. Google and Yelp are great places to see what others have to say about companies, their products, shipping, and customer service. While not all reviews are particularly insightful, you can get a feel for how the company deals with customers before you buy.

APG Wants to Be Your Sealing and Conveyance Products Supplier

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