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Explore APG's extensive collection of top-notch o-ring seals, backed by our seasoned team with decades of expertise. We specialize in custom vulcanization to meet your exact specifications, ensuring precision and reliability. Whether you need gaskets delivered to your location or a quick restock from our popular warehouse kits, we've got you covered.

Dive into our inventory of over 20 meticulously crafted o-ring kits, expertly designed to handle various scenarios, from routine truck maintenance to on-the-spot custom o-ring creation.

But that's not all – APG excels in fabricating a range of gaskets, including flange gaskets, electric gaskets, and spiral wound gaskets. Our commitment to customization extends to gaskets tailored to your unique requirements. Explore our vast selection of raw materials and accessories, including tools, lubricants, and measuring devices, to complete your sealing solutions toolkit. Elevate your sealing experience with APG's quality and expertise.

Product Line

O-rings are mechanical gaskets, commonly with round cross-sections that create a seal through compression usually by being seated in a groove of a static or dynamic connection.
O-Ring Cord
APG sells o-ring cord in custom lengths and may be vulcanized in-house to your specification. APG offers O-ring cord in an industry-leading range of materials and profiles.
Flange Gaskets
APG specializes in the fabrication and production of custom ring and full face flange gaskets. A flange gasket is used to join or fit between two sections of pipe; each pipe section typically has a flared area that provides a surface for the gasket to attach to and create the seal.
APG’s seal range is known for longevity, low friction, and high-speed tolerance even in the harshest of environments. APG has seals for your older sealing equipment in both metric and US sizes. APG offers an extensive range of seals including loaded lip seals, u-cups, rod wipers, t-seals, piston seals and cups, oil seals, v seals, bonded seals, fastener seals, and thread seals.
Packing Material
APG offers a wide range of packing materials for use in pump, valve, and sanitary applications including braided, square braided, and general service packing, GFO®Packing, Inconel wire packing, graphite filament packing, carbon yarn packing, TFE packing (Teflon®) and eco-friendly vegetable fiber packing.
O-Ring Kits
APG stocks over twenty different o-ring kits for standard, metric and Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) applications. We also can create custom kits filled with your choice of o-rings or seals!
Sealing Accessories
APG offers a large selection of sealing accessories and tools including measuring devices for O-rings, O-ring tools, and lubricants. We also offer thread sealant tapes, packing and gasket tools, and punch kits.
Gasket Sheet Materials
Stocking over 500,000 linear feet in over 100 different gasket materials, APG is able to supply bulk gasket material orders to our distributor, OEM, and gasket fabrication customers today!
Vulcanized O-Rings
APG’s vulcanized o-rings are custom fabricated to order from a wealth of cord material options, cutting methods, and molds. Our warehouse is equipped with a wide range of vulcanizing equipment and our products go through a rigorous inspection process which ensures quality and durability.
Spiral Wound Gaskets
Spiral wound gaskets are composite metallic and graphite gaskets developed for use in oil, gas, and petrochemical industries, and are comprised of an outer ring, a spiral ring, and an optional inner ring.
Electrical Conduit Gaskets
APG offers a wide range of standard and custom electrical conduit gaskets for various applications. Our pre-fabricated replacement electrical gaskets can be used on everything from electrical transformers, SF6, lighting, marine lighting, and window gaskets in electrical applications.

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