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Protect your workspace from leakage and contamination with APG seals.

Seals are vital to your machines.  What might be a small leak can turn into a much larger disaster.  


APG takes pride in the longevity, the low-friction, and high-speed tolerance of our seals.  APG manufactures seals for modern and legacy equipment, and our seals are available in both metric and US sizes.  Our varied range of seals includes loaded lip seals, u-cups, rod wipers, t-seals, piston seals and cups, oil seals, v seals, bonded seals, fastener seals, and thread seals.  Our extensive range is available in all industry standards, including SAE, ARP, JIS, and DIN. 


APG offers a wide range of industrial couplings and plastics, including, but not limited to, military cams & groove couplings and custom PPE Headgear.

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40784 MOSV012-018-03-RZV
In Production
37551 L25003125
40461 MOS055-072-08-R-SSS
In Production
38560 RWH2250H90
40810 MOSV025-042-07-R
In Production
37209 L12500250
38536 RWH0250H90
36819 ATS7500-1-1/2
40993 OS-1.68X2.50X.37R
40995 OS-1.75X2.50X.37R
38979 VR1750X2250VH
39624 WRS39A1000
In Production
40960 OS-1.00X1.75X.25R
39621 WRS39A0500
38223 MCN-0501

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