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/ Nitrile Material Fact Sheet

Nitrile Material Fact Sheet

  • nitrile
  • buna-n
  • o-ring
  • multi-purpose
  • fluid sealing
  • sealing
  • oil
  • industrial

Trade Names: Buna-N, Chemigum (Goodyear), Ny Syn (Copolymer), Krynac (Polysar), Hycar (Zeon Chemical), Paracril (Uniroyal), Perbunan (Mobay)

Nitrile (Buna-N) is the most widely used general-purpose O-Ring elastomer. Because of the resistance to petroleum and oil products, superior compression set, tear, and abrasion resistance. However, it does not wear very well in sunlight or ozone Nitrile isn’t known to have the greatest chemical resistance but is known to have excellent petroleum and oil resistance. In addition to resistance, it has good tolerance to some acids, fats, hydrocarbons, and more.

Nitrile Chart


General Purpose


Nitrile tends to be a popular set material for a wide range of applications. This material is both economical and versatile as it has an excellent compression set, good tensile strength, and is widely used in both industrial and domestic applications.

Oil and Petroleum Use

One of the industries that use this material is the oil and petroleum industry. Nitrile has good resistance to most oils, crude, gasoline, and petroleum.


UV Light, Ozone, Weather


Nitrile has many uses however, being an outdoor sealing solution should not be one of those solutions. Due to the poor performance in UV light, ozone, and weather, this material should not be used for outdoor purposes. Nitrile also has poor steam performance and doesn’t have a wide temperature range such as other materials.

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